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About This Professional

Al Bolt is an independent InterNACHI certified home inspector doing home and commercial inspections as a full-time commitment since 2000.  He is trained to be a detective in regard to the construction and working parts of a building.

All of Al Bolt’s inspections are 100% unbiased while cognizant of his client's best interests and protection.  After the inspection, Al offers an onsite review; then provides the client with a detailed, easy-to-read, user-friendly report with digital photos.


A quality inspection requires a lot of work.  Ultimately, a thorough inspection depends heavily on the individual inspector’s own knowledge, experience and efforts.  Regarding any building and its components, each is incredibly unique! Al guarantees that he will give you his very best effort – Inspected once, Inspected right. He considers every home a distinct challenge and dives into it. He takes the time necessary for a thorough inspection - He's not just looking around and he's not racing the clock. His talent and eyes are trained to find and see things that you and your realtor do not see during a walk-through or before moving in. When he is done with the inspection he knows the home better than anyone ever has.

Here are some words from Al himself:

Hi everyone and thank you for checking me out.

I'm known as the "Home Detective" due to my long history and reputation for being very thorough. This is my goal and I know that's what is appreciated. I don't hurry through an inspection, rather, I take the time necessary for the individual building - there is a lot to “look at” and, just as important, a lot to “look for”.

 Aka "The Deal Killer" by some Realtors: not my goal to kill a deal, but sometimes happens when I find something or some things which are not acceptable to my client. I'm not apologetic for finding such things. Actually, just the opposite, as I consider it a feather in my cap when it happens because it's beneficial to my clients, keeping them from getting into something unforeseen they didn't want to get into or deal with. Revealing and discussing such deficiencies before commitment helps my clients with their decision to accept, negotiate or walking away.

My inspection fees are fair, therefore usually higher than others: a home inspection fee should correspond with the experience and thoroughness of the inspector. Price shopping a home inspection would be prudent if a home inspection was a commodity item such as a box of cereal or a gallon of gas. Rather than a commodity, my talent as a home inspection is a "developed professional expertise". So, in regards to price shopping for a home inspection, one’s mindset may need to be adjusted, because, in reality, a more expensive inspection is the most reasonable and beneficial for a knowledgeable home buyer since we're most likely talking about the most expensive personal investment so far in your lifetime. The temporary satisfaction of a cheaper inspection upfront can easily lead to a more costly overall experience. Throughout the inspection, I am both conscious and conscientious of the fact that the home you're looking at will become a major investment of your time and money.

Now you know me a little better.

Hoping to help you and share the excitement of your upcoming venture,

Al Bolt,

The Home Detective

Education and Experience

  • Certified through the “School of Building Inspectors” and the “National Association of Certified Home Inspectors” in 2000

  • Certified mold inspector since 2002

  • EPA accredited asbestos inspector since 2008

  • Passed certification exams of the Professional Building Inspection Curriculum (PBIC) the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors (EBPHI) and the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

  • Ongoing participation in continuing education programs

  • Passed certification exams for comprehensive electrical, roofing & structural, decking, siding, ..... inspection courses

  • 29 years of building and contracting experience​


All this experience and expertise are brought to each inspection

Professional Memberships

  • Member of the InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors – InterNACHI

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