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Professional Inspections provides a full range of mold inspection and testing services.

Al Bolt is certified, qualified and experienced in performing many comprehensive inspections including the specialized field of MOLD.

Unknown substances and suspect mold material are often encountered during a home inspection; a Confidential Mold Inspection Report is offered. A mold inspection is beyond the scope of a general home inspection, however, I offer mold inspection and testing services because of the high occurrence I encounter such and it gives me an edge over my competitors which is advantageous for my clients.                                                                                        
My policy is to collect samples as inspections progress so I don’t have to retrace my steps & crawling if my client decides to proceed or decides not to for now and changes their mind later. Collected material samples are saved and can be sent to a lab for analysis at any time. These steps eliminate the need for additional arrangements to be made for a re-visit and also provide for a speedy turn-around time. Therefore, the info is readily available if and when requested.

I am mindful not to push or pressure regarding such procedures as everyone has their own physical and emotional tolerance level for such. However, it is noteworthy that mold issues will need to be dealt with at some time and that the party in possession of this information may have the upper hand regarding negotiations at the most critical time of a real estate transaction.                

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